About Cliff Jacobs

Like so many other entrepreneurs, Cliff Jacobs Wheel Repair was spawned by a hobby.  Sometime during Jacobs' tour of duty in Vietnam, a gear head was born.  Upon his return, he opened his own speed shop and also become a representative for a large speed equipment supplier.  As his love for the sport of auto racing continued to grow, Jacobs found himself on the crew of an Indy Car team and as the crew chief of a sprint car team.  As he gained experience and knowledge teaching became another hat that Jacobs wore, when he became senior automotive instructor at Southern Ohio College.  However, once again the entrepreneurial spirit in Jacobs called and he opened his own automotive repair business which over the last fifteen years has grown to include the wheel repair business.
A self-taught engineer, Jacobs also has enjoyed success building and campaigning his own racing cars on the difficult USAC circuit.  Jacobs creations have visited victory lane in some of the sport's biggest races.  In addition to victories, Jacobs has also earned additional awards from USAC and other racing organizations.  Still a sought after resource by racers from across the country, Jacobs direct involvement with the sport ended in 1997 due to a health issue. 
At several points over the past few years, several have encouraged Jacobs to create a website.  It took a nephew of Cliffs to actually lite the fire and move him to action -- Here We Are!

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