About Us

Like so many other successful businesses, Cliff Jacobs Wheel Repair was born out of a lifelong passion.  Jacobs, a respected fabricator, crew chief and race car owner, designed and built his first wheel straightening machine to repair the wheels of the sprint and midget race cars that he built and owned.  A local tire dealer discovered Jacobs straightening machine on a visit to his shop and asked him to fix a passenger car wheel.  A short time later a car dealership approached Jacobs to straighten an aluminum wheel - fifteen years later, he is on his fifth generation exclusive wheel straightening machine and is servicing individual consumers, automotive dealerships, tire stores and the racing community.
Cliff Jacobs Wheel Repair is in the business of straightening and welding wheels, not refinishing them.  Simple straightening is preferred as the best method to maintain the wheels overall integrity.  If a wheel is cracked or develops a crack during the straightening process, CJ Wheel Repair can weld the wheel.  However, they boast a success rate of straightening wheels without cracking that is well over 90%.  The ability to test the strength of their repairs (Eddy Current process) ensures the quality and safety.  Custom developed machinery and strict adherence to process yield results that are consistently within specifications.  They maintain a goal of less than .020 inches (+-.010) maximum on severe bends.  This is closer than many wheels are when they begin their lives at the factory!


Note: Aluminum wheels are manufactured using many different processes.  As a result some are more forgiving (or more difficult) than others.

When it comes to any automobile repair, safety is a legitimate concern.  Trusting your repair to a qualified professional provides an added level of security.  Cliff Jacobs experience and knowledge has been developed and honed through competition, including the Indianapolis 500 and the United States Auto Club midget and sprint car divisions. 

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